Cobi's Commitment to Public Service

Cobi Frongillo Donation to Random Smile ProjectThroughout my life, I have engaged in countless service projects from community clean-ups to founding the annual Soccer for Smiles charity tournament (bringing in over $40,000 to local charities since its inception). My commitment to service is what led me to launch our scholarship – in memory of former resident Kathleen Madden – to encourage other Franklin students to make a large impact on their community. It is also what has drawn me to all facets of public service; I take great pride in opportunities to help make the world a better place.

At FHS, I served on the Student Council. At UMass, I served in the Student Government Association and House Councils. Over the summers, I served Franklin at both the state- and national- level, working in the offices of Representative Jeffrey Roy and Congressman Joe Kennedy III. Since returning home in 2019, I have sought out opportunities to serve on the Planning Board, Conservation Commission, and the Franklin Bellingham Rail Trail Committee, before being elected to the Town Council in December 2020.

I commend Franklin’s public safety teams for their devotion to the community. We should continue to ensure our emergency services have adequate resources to keep Franklin residents happy, healthy, and safe.

I believe the people of Franklin deserve public servants who represent them with enthusiasm, experience, and integrity.