What Do Community Members Have To Say?

"I have known Cobi and his family for years. I have watched him evolve into a very civic-minded community member with an enthusiastic desire to make a difference. He has been committed to attending various meetings, meeting with our community leaders, and learning about our form of government."

Roberta Trahan

Franklin Cultural District Committee, Franklin Downtown Partnership

"Cobi brings with him a fresh perspective on local government, a forward-thinking approach to creating new ideas for our community, and a tremendous enthusiasm for the future of Franklin."

Melanie Hamblen

Franklin Town Councillor and business owner

"Cobi’s energetic, forward-thinking approach is exactly what the council needs. His focus on small businesses and being community-oriented will help many in the town."

Bob Vozzella

Franklin business owner and parent

"Cobi is a very capable young man with a passion for his community and a desire to give back. He will be an addition to the current Council that will represent... a different perspective than the existing members. Cobi running for this seat gives our community an opportunity to have our Town Council more closely represent the make-up of the Town of Franklin."

Chris Feeley

former Chair of Franklin Town Council

"Cobi brings a rare blend of youth, enthusiasm and experience to the position. Not only does he have a solid understanding of the history and challenges that confront Franklin in 2020 but he has shown through his high school and college years a commitment to public service and in particular to our Franklin community.

Every time I have talked to Cobi I have been impressed with his maturity, his ability to work with people and his leadership skills which he has demonstrated throughout his life.

We need a leader that will help pull the people of Franklin together, work with the other Town Council members and inspire them to reach out and support one another and support all town residents.

Cobi will be a great addition to the Town Council, bringing new ideas and a professionalism to our town government."

Tonya Price

Franklin community leader

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know Cobi in recent weeks and I have become increasingly impressed with his commitment to protecting our town and allowing it to grow in a sustainable manner.

Cobi’s passion for public service dates back to his teenage years and his studies in public policy will provide a new and experienced vision to our Town Council. As our town faces challenging short- and long-term issues, Cobi is ready on day one to make the choices that will be right for Franklin.”

Robert Vacca

Franklin Public School teacher and community advocate

As a lifelong Franklinite, Cobi is deeply passionate about the wellbeing of our residents and the future of our community. As town councilor, I am convinced he will work tirelessly to adopt public policies that continue to make Franklin the most vibrant and welcoming community in Metrowest for families and young entrepreneurs.

As a business owner, I can attest that Cobi is a staunch support of small businesses and is committed to helping them survive and recover from the effects of this pandemic. He has a passion for progressive public policies that encourage and incentivize small businesses to thrive and succeed.

I find Cobi Frongillo to be a man of great character with family values rooted in this great community. His willingness to learn, ability to motivate and embrace others stems from a family tradition of military and community service, all of which make him an ideal choice as town councilor.

Olivier Edouard

Owner – Franklin Brewing Company

"Cobi Frongillo deserves our support in his candidacy for Town Council. He is a homegrown Franklin resident who has demonstrated ongoing commitment to our town. From his part in the founding of Soccer for Smiles Tournament at age 13, to completion of his graduate studies research project on the sustainable economic development of Downtown Franklin, Cobi has proven his dedication to seeing Franklin and its residents thrive. Cobi’s professional experience as a research analyst for government and non-profit agencies makes him a valuable asset to local government."

Paula & Herb Gross

Franklin neighbors

“We hope for more unity in our country where neighbors and strangers can presume the best in each other, talk through differences, and strive for a common good. Many people hold this view naturally. We have tried to raise our children to interact with others with empathy and kindness, which leads to respect and caring, and we are proud of their progress. Relevant to the Franklin community we are happy to support our son Cobi Frongillo, who is seeking a seat of leadership on the Franklin Town Council.

We expect Cobi to be a leader who thinks critically about problems, pours his energy and capabilities into building solutions, and listens to all sides. Never afraid to ask "why?", Cobi will reflect seriously on the way things work and offer ideas for improvement. He cares deeply about important issues of environment, sustainability, recreation, and financial responsibility, and his fresh perspective will serve as an asset to the town council.”

Rich & Sandy Frongillo

Franklin small business owners and community advocates

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