Join the Campaign Team?

Frongillo for Franklin is committed to making Franklin better for future generations. We are seeking highly motivated and organized individuals to join the Frongillo for Franklin campaign team. Franklin Town Council candidate, Cobi Frongillo is a passionate advocate for education, community service, and the environment. In the constant pursuit of increasing civic engagement, Cobi and the rest of the Frongillo for Franklin campaign team strongly value the support of local community members. Cobi Frongillo believes that youth empowerment and the preservation of social, public, and natural resources are keys to improving Franklin. With the help of community action and strong town leadership, these goals can be achieved. By supporting the Frongillo for Franklin campaign, you will play a vital role in the growth and development of our community.

To Apply: email with who you are and why you are interested. Please attach a resume, if available.

Field Director

This person will ensure day to day campaign operations (i.e. canvasses, phone banks, virtual events) run smoothly. We’re looking for someone with great communication skills and enthusiasm for civic engagement. Our Field Director will be the main point person and leader for our volunteers, so prior leadership experience is beneficial. In addition to training volunteers for campaign tasks, the Field Director will need to ensure volunteer retention by maintaining a positive relationship with volunteers.


  • Recruit, educate, and train volunteers
  • Manage tactical campaign operations
  • Design and implement voter contact plan
  • Build and maintain protocols
  • Coordinate, schedule, and communicate with volunteers

Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager will work closely with the candidate, Cobi Frongillo and the rest of the campaign leadership team until the election. This individual will play a crucial role in achieving the Frongillo for Franklin campaign goals. The Campaign Manager will lead the team in creating and executing an overall strategic plan.


  • Build and oversee the campaign plan
  • Coordinate directors on the campaign team
  • Oversee “big picture” campaign goals
  • Identify and persuade targeted voter groups

Finance Director

Our Finance Director is essential for ensuring we have the resources to achieve our campaign goals. We are looking for someone who can manage the campaign’s finances and fundraisers, as well as build and maintain relationships with potential donors.


  • Plan and coordinate fundraising tactics
  • Manage campaign budget
  • Work towards fundraising goals

Field Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers to help out with:

  • Fundraising
  • Canvassing
  • Sign holding
  • Phone banking
  • Get Out The Vote
  • Other